Beneath the mountains of Himalaya, lies a place  called Haryana. With wonderful landscapes and perfect climates, Haryana is a sanctuary for rice and the people always pursuing for the perfect healthy rice.


HARYANA rice has been awarded many times for its quality and is simply a renowned family brand. Liansin has taken a step forward to ensure the rice is scientifically proven to be healthy. " HARYANA Healthy Rice" is here for your family to enjoy.

HARYANA Healthy Rice is rich in minerals yet low in fat and sugar. Once cooked, the rice is soft and fluffy, has nice aroma and taste delicious.


Liansin has always been known for producing the best quality rice. With the launching of HARYANA Healthy Rice, and its Low-Fat and Low-Sugar qualities, we want to put a smile to health conscious consumers like you.

HARYANA 健康米低脂低糖,更富有矿物质。白米形状煮了出来便会特别细长,口感咬劲极佳,松软好吃。





在Haryana这个地方,当地人种植出来的白米家喻户晓, 已是日常生活的一部分。只要想到好米,大家都会联想到Haryana出产的白米。虽然当地居民特别推荐,联星公司为求安心,在被印度寻获 HARYANA 米之时,边将白米送去科学验证,确保拥有高品质的营养成分。

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低糖低脂的 HARYANA 健康米对现代人来说是大好消息。低脂低糖不但能减轻糖尿病和心脏病的风险,也导致我们身体不容易发胖,减低脂肪摄量,可以帮助体重控制,降低胆固醇量及维持心血管健康。毕竟糖分会直接影响胰 岛素的平衡而降低它控制血糖的功能,缺乏胰岛素就会导致糖尿病。糖也会影响维他命C发挥其功能,当糖分过高,环绕白血球的维他命C会相对降低,最终降低对抗细菌和病毒的免疫系统能力。




Despite our hectic lifestyles, dinner is the only time when we  can really sit down, relax, and enjoy our meals after a hard day's of work. With more people being health conscious, it is clear that the rice served for every dinner is very important.


Good news! HARYANA Healthy Rice is low in fat and sugar. It is soft and has a nice aroma when cooked. What a wholesome rice for everyone to enjoy! The reduced fat helps control body weight, lower cholesterol and maintain cardiovascular system. Sugar intake will affect the insulin balance directly and weaken the control of blood sugar causing insulin deficiency which will lead to diabetes. Too much sugar will also affect the functions of Vitamin C in our bodies. Vitamin Cs that surround our white blood cells will reduce proportionately and affect our immune systems in fighting off viruses and bacterias.

除了低脂低糖, HARYANA 健康米含有丰富的矿物质,其中相对比较多的包括钾,铁和磷,这三种养分在我们日用饮食里相当匮乏。这三种养分的好处如下:













Apart from low-fat and low-sugar, HARYANA Healthy Rice contains minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus which are greatly beneficial for our nutrient requirement.



Potassium will minimize the risks of High Blood Pressure, Hear Disease & Stroke. It can counteract the high sodium intake that we consume from fast foods and processed foods.



Iron is very important for hemoglobin production, a part of blood cells which carries oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies. Bodies that lack of iron may result in iron deficiencies such as anemia.



Phosphorus plays an important role in the formation of our bones and teeth. A balanced diet is essential for a healthy body, your body needs the right amount of various nutrients to function properly.



除了长期食用 HARYANA 健康米,





Warmest Reminder:


Besides relying on HARYANA Healthy Rice, it is also important to have a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and routine exercise to maintain good health!



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